Abruzzo wine tasting, virtual tour of Fontefico Winery, and food pairing experience


Discover one of the oldest wine regions in the world with guides Fabrizio, founder of Italia Sweet Italia, and Nicola, owner of Azienda Agricola Fontefico and our trusted partner for wine tastings, vineyard tours, and grape harvest experiences in Abruzzo. On your virtual tour of Fontefico, you’ll connect with fascinating Abruzzo landscapes (between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine Mountains). You’ll learn all the secrets about Abruzzo wines and how to pair them with delicious, authentic, and simple foods. During this live-stream event, we’ll enjoy a tasting of three of Fontefico’s top wines.

If you want, you can also practice some Italian!

So, what are you waiting for? Join us on this virtual trip to Italy for a couple of hours and enjoy some Fontefico organic wines



6:00 p.m. Italy time (check here for the exact time in your area)


Around 1.5 to 2 hours, or even longer if we’re having fun


To give you all the attention you deserve, each virtual experience is limited to 10 participants. Each booking is meant to be for 1 Zoom connection, so if there’s more than 1 of you partcipating at the same time in your house, no problem (you can use 1 booking), but if there’s more than 1 of you participating from different households, you need to book for how many locations you will be connecting from.

*Please note that this event will be confirmed (we’ll send you an e-mail as soon we’ll reach this) if there will be at least 5 participants.


  • A portable device with a camera, audio, and broadband Internet connection
  • Download and install the Zoom application (after you reserve a spot, I will send you instructions)


Before the virtual experience

After you book your experience, you will be e-mailed information about how to buy and receive Fontefico wines directly to your home, along with a PDF booklet about Fontefico wines & food pairing. We will send you instructions on how to download and install the Zoom application along with a Zoom invitation to our virtual experience.

During the virtual experience

We’ll meet in the Zoom Virtual Experience Location 15 minutes before the event’s scheduled starting time. Together ogether, we will enjoy a tour of the winery and a wine tasting and food pairing experience. You’ll have the opportunity to engage with Fabrizio, Nicola, and perhaps other hosts and to have fun, ask questions, and get real-time support.

After the virtual experience

About 48 hours after the event, you will receive your diploma and a PDF e-book containing the best screenshots of our experience. Also, please note the live virtual event will be recorded (so you can watch it over and over again any time you want). By reserving a spot and participating in this class, you accept that you will be recorded.


Wines we’ll be discovering and tasting:


For only € 160.00 (which includes shipping to the USA and UK!), we’ll send you 2 bottles (750.0 ml) of each wine (6 bottles total). For residents of other countries, please contact us (ordini@fontefico.it) for shipping rates. For the current exchange rate, click here. You will receive enough wine to enjoy during our virtual experience and to share with family and friends later.


The booking process is very simple. Please follow these steps and instructions:

  1. Click the button below to reserve your spot (one per device). You will receive an email message with a link to make your credit card payment in order to confirm your booking by April 4.
  2. On April 6, we’ll ship the wines to your home (normally takes between 7 and 10 days to arrive, depending on your location).
  3. If we don’t reach the minimum number of participants (5 people/devices) by the shipment date, you have 2 options: 
  • Cancel your order along with your payment (you will not be charged)
  • Keep the wines to enjoy anyway, without the virtual experience


Located in central Italy, Abruzzo is a beautiful region known for its diverse scenery, relaxed lifestyle, and great food tradition. Many people are not aware that it’s only two hours away from Rome and holds a strong wine tradition, easily comparable to much more famous places, such as Tuscany or other wine regions in the country.

Its landscape, dominated by rolling foothills, is perfectly suited for vineyards: These vine-striped hills extend from the mountains toward the Adriatic Sea and create the best scenarios. Abruzzo produces more than 3 million hectoliters (79 million gallons) of wine, and almost 30,000 hectares (74,000 acres) of land are cultivated with vines. 

Abruzzo is home to three DOC (Appellation of Controlled Origin) wine designations. The red Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, the rosè Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo—which comes from the same grapes—and the white Trebbiano d’Abruzzo are the most recognized varieties, but don’t miss the chance to taste a glass of Pecorino, one of Fabrizio’s personal favorites because of its freshness and fruitiness.


Fabrizio is the founder and tour guide of Italia Sweet Italia, an incoming and licensed tour operator that specializes in organizing experiential vacations in Abruzzo, Italy. Our aim is to promote sustainable tourism in Abruzzo and to introduce visitors from around the globe to the delights of our region so they can experience its traditions, arts, food, folklore, and of course, its people.

Are you eager to immerse yourself in the Italian culture and traditions, and to really get to know the food, region, and people of Italy? If so, your host and local guide, Fabrizio, together with his family and friends, has put together some amazing adventures that combine delicious food, rewarding experiences, beautiful scenery, and friendly locals to show you the best of the region’s off-the-beaten-track secrets.


Azienda Agricola Fontefico is an organic boutique winery overlooking the Gulf of Vasto, in the southernmost part of the Abruzzo coast. The estate covers about 15 hectares (37 acres) of vineyards growing exclusively indigenous grape varieties, such as Pecorino, Trebbiano, and Montepulciano. The area is particularly suitable for viticulture: The fresh, salty breezes from the Adriatic make the wines mineral and savory, with an uncommon structure and longevity. Fontefico is run by the two brothers Nicola and Emanuele Altieri, who since the beginning, now more than 20 years ago, have aimed for uncompromising quality that goes beyond the fashions of the moment. In fact, each wine comes from a single and specific vineyard, with unique and unreplicable characteristics. Each vineyard therefore has its own identity, which is captured by the artwork on the wine labels. So Pecorino Superiore is “La canaglia” (the rascal), because the vineyard is spiteful; it does not allow itself to be tamed, but then it is forgiven by giving a superlative white wine. Trebbiano Superiore is the “Portarispetto” (bring respect), because this grape variety has always been asked only to produce more and more. However, because its vines are treated with love and respect, the Trebbiano amazes and embodies the land of Abruzzo with a special charm. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is the “Cocca di casa,” because this is, after all, the favorite grape. So in essence, each vineyard has its own identity, each wine its own character. The peculiarity is that each of these protagonists, harvest after harvest, is represented on the label’s artwork in a different way, to tell an anecdote of the vintage. Hence, putting together the bottles of the various vintages and the various wines, you can read the story of Fontefico. A story that speaks of terroir and authenticity


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Cucina Abruzzese, or, Cooking in Abruzzo! Since I cannot travel to Italy right now due to COVID Italy came to me! I attended a virtual cooking class with Italia Sweet Italia and had a wonderful time and learned a new technique! The class was taught by Fabrizio Lucci and his sweet mom, Mamma Anna Maria, who live in Vasto, Italy. Other class participants were from the US, England and Spain. If you desire to learn some Italian cooking you cannot go wrong with an Italian MOM! She is the best! Fabrizio organizes tours in Italy and I can say from experience that his tours are A+!

Eileen A

Salt Lake City, United States

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